Just to sum up what American income inequality looks like, the average American CEO made $15 million dollars in base salary and bonus in 2013. While the average American worker made $30,000 in hourly wages with no bonuses or vacations that same year.


How To Give No Fucks - Raee’n

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Men will often try to protect themselves from women’s anger by trying to minimize it or make it go away. We do that because we’re scared of it, because it triggers us, because it brings up our fear and our shame. But it almost always sends the message that we don’t think that women’s anger is valid or reasonable. For most men, it takes a lot of practice to be able to hold space for women’s anger without getting lost in our reactions, especially since many of us were never taught the skills of emotional self-regulation and shame resilience. But when we try to make women’s feelings disappear, we make things worse. When we learn how to listen to them with fierce compassion instead of defensiveness, we make things better. Dr. Charlie Glickman, on refusing to be one of “the good men” (via cleispress)

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